Are you guys ready???!!

We announced it in December, and now it’s been a few months rolling progress for our new lady-gaze sports-themed Love Love Hill anthology, FUJOSPORTS! It will be completed for TCAF 2014, look forward to our debut there!

Here’s a little preview taste of what our team is up to this time around. Our artists, on their respective Tumblrs and Twitters (which you should all check out and follow) have been releasing little tidbits of character designs and pages. I’ve collected a few of them into one spot….

Ukiiukii/Justin is working on a comic about Turkish oil wrestling…! Expect some slippery, thick-muscled, man-grappling. (Here’s a bonus peek at how he came up with his own perfect story title as well.)

ZaraLT/Laura's characters are part of a heated Roller Derby League, whereby the only thing shorter than their shorts is their passion for victory! (Dem gams!!)

Sumafu/Dirchansky is drawing a story about the unique world of competitive logging (lumberjacking??), fulfilling our need for flannel and Cancon.

Attache tes tuques, ladies!!! We’re taking what *you* look for in sports comics and putting it as our main focus. Welcome to the rugged, sweaty, innuendo-filled world of FUJOSPORTS!!! 

Hey guys! Here’s the anthology I’ll be contributing to!

I’m super excited! There’s going to be a lot of good stuff in it from a bunch of amazing artists! *v*

Also many lovely men. ;)

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Attack on Katsucon 2014, featuring: Eren Yeager (@ahvia), Mikasa Ackerman (@dechanique), Armin Arlert (@ZaraLT), Jean Kirstein (@konistehrad), Erwin Smith (@NoraaOnatac), Levi (@ukiiukii), Zoe Hange (@spacekase), and one lone Corps member who probably got killed off between the morning shoot and night shoot (@bobcatarts).

There’s more over thisaway, at my Flickr! 

Wir sind der Jäger!

Bonus version of that Levi/Erwin shot: 

<3 Our Attack on Titan Katsucon 2014 group <3

What a fantastic time I had cosplaying as Armin with these fine folks! <3 I’m sure these photos prove just how much of a blast was had!